iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro review: Massive upgrade in every regard

Apple has announced four new iPhone models, including the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The difference between each model is the size of the screen, the materials used, the battery life, and the power of the camera.

I will sum up this. Of the four models in the iPhone 12 arrangement, the iPhone 12 Pro resembles the top quality in case you’re not kidding about photography and video. The 12 Pro’s chief sensors, night representation mode and zooming focal points are not accessible on minimal expense models. The as a matter of first importance camera of their iPhone will cost an extra $150 (the 128GB model is estimated).
 Apple iPhone 12 Pro Silver and Pacific Blue_iphoneoutfit.com
 Apple iPhone 12 Pro Silver and Pacific Blue
The iPhone 12 setup incorporates four comparable models: the iPhone 12 Mini (beginning at 9,699 for 64 GB), the iPhone 12 (beginning at 99,799 for 64 GB), the iPhone 12 Pro (beginning at 9,999 for 128 GB), and the iPhone 12 Pro Max (beginning at 1, 1,099 for 128GB). This short area will give you a fast sketch of how the iPhone 12 Pro varies from the iPhone 12 and why we picked it as our editors’ decision. We’ve canvassed the four models inside and out in our unique iPhone 12 survey in light of the fact that there are such countless similitudes between them. You can peruse inside and out pretty much every one of the highlights of the iPhone 12. The 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max, accessible for pre-request on November 6, will be coming soon and will likewise get a short audit like this.
 Apple iPhone 12 Pro Gold and Graphite_iphoneoutfit.com
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Gold and Graphite
Many individuals are truly hanging tight for this leader’s cell phone. With an all the more impressive and exquisite look. Indeed, even with the presence of this cell phone, numerous individuals exchange their iPhone 11. Promptly keen on purchasing the 12 Pro. Not many individuals were reluctant to purchase this cell phone informally, on the grounds that they truly needed to be the first cell phone.


Apple needs to consolidate their most recent cell phone plan with more seasoned series like the iPhone 4 or 5 in the 12 Pro design. In the 12 Pro design, there is a 12 Pro-level side, not, at this point round. The level side in the 12 Pro design causes it to feel great while clasping hands.The 12 Pro 7.4mm wide. For the back, Apple utilizes a layer of glass that effectively leaves fingerprints. On the off chance that you feel awkward with the unique finger impression mark on the rear of the 12 Pro. However, You can utilize the case to shield the body from fingerprints and from impacts. Apple says the 12 Pro as of now has an overhauled IP68 that can last up to 6 meters on a cell phone for 30 minutes. Remember that this cell phone is likewise covered with gorilla glass on the front and back glass.

iPhone 12,iPhone 12 Pro


Apple says the 12 Pro uses 1170p with a Super Retina XDR OLED screen, 460ppi density, and 6.1-inch dimensions. The screen supports Dolby Vision standard, HDR10 with brightness up to 1200 nits. There is a thin bezel on either side. The 12 pro still uses the top-notch to place sensors like the Face ID security feature.


iPhone 12 Pro Camera_iphoneoutfit.com
iPhone 12 Pro Camera

The iPhone 12 Pro design puts an additional sensor in the lower right corner of the camera frame, i.e. the leader scanner. 12MP Camera Sensor Setup, Apple’s main sensor offers a hardware upgrade. Which is a larger f / 1.6 diaphragm. Apple claims that this will allow the camera to capture 27% more light. The 12 Pro 7-level lens is also advanced and has optical stabilization technology (OIS) that is claimed to be more stable than the iPhone 11 Pro. The other two sensors in the 12 Pro are Ultra-Wide 12MP and Telephoto 2x Optical Zoom with OIS.

iPhone 12 Pro Camera_iphoneoutfit.com
iPhone 12 Pro Camera

What’s new in the 12 Pro is the ability to take pictures in night mode with an ultra-wide sensor. Can be activated when using Night Portrait mode which uses Leader Scanner. 12 Pro with better HDR capabilities, pictures appear in more detail.

Camera 12 Pro supports video recording up to 4K 60fps with cinematic stabilization with EIS, OIS, and extended dynamic range. Dolby Vision is capable of capturing quality video which is better than HDR 10.


The 12 Pro has the same features as the previous generation using iOS 14. Facetime Video Call already supports the image in the Image (PIP) feature where we can look at another person even though they are opening other applications.

On the right there is a hint in the form of a dot, indicating when the application is entering the camera or microphone so that we can be more aware and alert. Another exclusive feature of the 12 Pro is the MagSafe. Supports fast charging 200 watts (sold individually). Charging with MagSafe is claimed to reach 90% of a 60-minute charge. For wireless charging, using a MagSafe charger supports up to 15 watts.

Magsafe accessories_iphoneoutfit.com
MagSafe accessories

Not just for charging, MagSafe uses a variety of functions. The MagSafe can be paired with other accessories such as the MagSafe Wallet which is a card wallet that can be attached without the need to use the wallet case perfectly.


The IPhone 12 pro Most of the features and specifications are similar to iPhone 12. The 12 Pro is a remarkable smartphone with many advantages. The iPhone 12 differs in color, weight, RAM capacity, telephoto camera, leader features. For the price alone, the 12 Pro for the 128 GB memory variant is around $ 1319.44. About 2 to 3 million differences (256GB and 512GB) for the other two memory variants.

Advantages of iPhone 12 Pro

  1. MagSafe Features
  2. The most powerful chipset
  3. Good Photo Quality
  4. Premium design
  5. The presence of Dolby Vision HDR
  6. OLED screen brightness level
  7. The existence of LiDAR Scanner

Weaknesses of iPhone 12 Pro

  1. Minimal upgrade from the regular version
  2. Charger head and earphones are sold separately
  3. The screen is still 60Hz

IPhone 12 Pro Specification

  • Screen: 6,1 inch OLED (2.532 x 1.170 pixel), 460 ppi
  • Weight: 189 gram
  • Dimension: 146,7 x 71,5 x 7,4mm
  • SIM: Dual SIM: Nano & e-SIM
  • Main Camera : Telephoto Camera 12MP , Ultra-Wide Camera 12 MP , Ultra-Wide Camera 12 MP
  • Chipset: Apple A14 Bionic
  • Operating System: iOS 14
  • Color: Silver, Graphite, Gold, Pacific Blue
  • Front Camera: 12MP
  • Video: 4K 24/30/60fps, 1080p 30/60/120/240fps, HDR, 10-bit Dolby Vision HDR (up to 60fps), Stereo Sound Rec.
  • Another feature: LiDAR Scanner, Fast Charging 18 Watt, Wi-Fi 802.11, Water Resistant IP68, Wireless Charging 15 Watt

iPhone 12 Pro, But Still iPhone 12

Beyond the camera, there is not much difference between the iPhone 12 and the 12 Pro. The benchmark by running the same software. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have the same size battery, the same charging, the same (very good) networking capacity, and call quality. Take a look at the iPhone 12 review for all the details.

The price difference between the iPhone 12 and the 12 Pro isn’t actually $799 and $999. Because the former only has 64GB of storage for $799. Boost the iPhone 12 to 128GB and you’ll pay $849. so the difference for the 12 Pro’s superior photos is really just $150. The bigger issue for me. I’ve grown skeptical of $1,000 phones all around.

I hate that I’m proposing a phone that I haven’t handled yet (but will soon). But that instinct worked with the iPad Air. So here it is: the best iPhones of this year are going to be the iPhone 12 mini (for most people). This, iPhone 12 Pro (for camera buff). With so many common elements and a huge number of iPhone owners prefer the small size of the 6/7/8 phone, the $ 699 iPhone 12 Mini really feels like a mainstream winner this year. Meanwhile, the 2X zoom of the 12 Pro gets less than 2.5x of the 12 Pro Max, but it still wins our Editors’ Choice Award, fitting the ultimate camera power to a reasonably sized body at a slightly lower price.

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